Top Hat Kiln / Elevated Kiln

In Elevated Kiln (Top Hat Kiln) the car is movable and the kiln hood is stationary.  The advantage in Elevated Kiln (Top Hat Kiln) is that there will be perfect sealing between the kiln hood (which is in elevated position) & the kiln car (which will move up to seal the hood). The range of temperature is between 700ºC to 1800ºC. All type of fuels like furnace oil, diesel, kerosene, LPG, natural gas, producer gas can be used for firing.

Elevated Kiln (Top Hat Kiln) is up draft kiln or Side draft kiln and the kiln pressure can be maintained accurately. Elevated Kiln (Top Hat Kiln) is used for batch type production.

For car movement which moves up and down, gear motor system or hydraulic system is used. On the rails the car moves through gear motor system or manually.

Elevated Kiln (Top Hat Kiln) is used for special purpose products. For example the kiln atmosphere is non-oxidizing.

Elevated Kiln (Top Hat Kiln) is user-friendly and using SCADA all the temperature-time graph and all control parameters can be monitored. Using PLC, Elevated Kiln (Top Hat Kiln) is fully automated for the easy usage of the customers.

Multiple cars can be used in Elevated Kiln (Top Hat Kiln) for fast turn-around of the furnace cycles.

Range of Technical Specification

Temperature    :  700 to 1800°C

Capacity           :  0.5 to 20 TON / Cycle

Fuel                  :  HSD / LDO / Kerosene / LPG / Natural Gas / Producer Gas

Controls            :  Auto / Semi Auto / Manual

Lift                    :  Hydraulic / Actuator

Product              :  Grinding Wheel, High Alumina, Flow Control Product. Silica. Con-cast, Fire Bricks, Engineering Ceramics,

Iron & Steel , and as per customer requirement