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In Issojet Combustion system, we supply Combustion System (burners, regulators, valves etc.,) for the following fuels for an operating temperature upto 1800°C.

1.  Furnace Oil

2.  Light diesel Oil

3.  High speed diesel

4.  Kerosene

5. Naptha

5.  LPG

6.  Natural gas

7.  Producer gas

8.  Coke Oven gas

9.  Blast furnace gas

10. Bio gas

11. Hydrogen gas

12. Pet Coke

13. Pulverized Coal

14. Wood Chips

15. Leaves (Eucalyptus)

16. Agricultural Waste

17.Coconut shell



We supply these systems with all safety and control systems including temperature control and burner control systems.

We can combine both the “Fossil fuel combustion system” and “Renewable energy system” to get required output and best efficiency for the Process.