Shaft Kiln

///Shaft Kiln

Shaft kiln

In a shaft kiln, raw material moves counter flow to hot gas in the shaft. This gives shaft kilns the lowest fuel consumption of any type of kiln. The shaft refers to a vertical vessel where the firing takes place. Because of the weight of the bed of material in the shaft, there are limits on the size and strength of the type of raw material that can be processed.

Vertical kilns work on continuous feed, and the upper kiln area is used for preheating. Typically, the kiln would be shut down, the batch would be charged and the burners would be re-fired. The processed raw material is then removed from the bottom of the kiln and allowed to cool in open air.

Shaft Kiln can be installed and operated easily and need low maintenance cost.

Range of Technical Specification

Temperature     :  1400 to 1600 Deg C

Capacity           :  20 to 70 Tpd

Fuel                  :  LPG/ HSD/ LDO/ Kerosene / Natural Gas/ Producer Gas

Control             :  Auto/ Semi-auto/ Manual

Product             :  As per Customer Req

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