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Shuttle Dryer

In Shuttle Dryer the car is movable and the Drier hood is stationary.  Doors are operated using pneumatic system or mechanical locks. The range of drier temperature is between 50ºC to 150ºC. All type of fuels like furnace oil, diesel, kerosene, LPG, natural gas, producer gas can be used in HAG (Hot Air Generator).

This type of Drier is used for batch type production. Recirculation system is provided for better circulation and good exhaust system is provided to take the moisture content out of the drier.

Shuttle Drier is side / up draft. If required Humidity is also controlled by injecting water through nozzles. This type of drier is used for batch type production.

Air & material used in drying process can move through the dryer either in parallel or counter current way.  Also, the dryers are compartmented and cross-flow is also adopted. Intermittent blowing and continuous blowing is also done as per requirement.

This type of kiln is user-friendly and using SCADA all the temperature-time graph and all control parameters can be monitored. Using PLC, the kiln is fully automated for the easy usage of the customers.

Technical Specification

Temperature       :  50 to 150°C

Capacity              :  10  to  200 m3

Fuel                    :  FO / HSD / LDO / KEROSENE / LPG / NATURAL GAS / PRODUCER GAS / BIO GAS

Control                :  Auto / Semi-Auto / Manual

Product               :  Flow Control Product, Silica, Fire Bricks, Clay Bricks, as per Customer Requirement

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