Tunnel Oven

Tunnel Oven

In Tunnel Oven the car is movable and the Oven is in tunnel type. The range of Oven temperature is between 150ºC to 700 ºC. All type of fuels like furnace oil, HSD, LDO, kerosene, LPG, natural gas, producer gas, Bio gas can be used for firing.

The Oven pressure can be maintained accurately. This type of Oven is used for continuous type production.

Transfer car for car movement is provided at entry and exit side. The door raising is done by hydraulic system or gear motor system or pneumatic system. Car pushing system is done by hydraulic system with two door mechanism.

This type of kiln is user-friendly and using SCADA all the temperature-time graph and all control parameters can be monitored. Using PLC, the kiln is fully automated for the easy usage of the customers.

Range of Technical Specifications 

Temperature        :  150 to 700°C

Capacity               :  2  to  50 Ton / day

Length                  :  30 to 100 m

Fuel                       :  FO / HSD / LDO / KEROSENE / LPG / NATURAL GAS / PRODUCER GAS / BIO GAS

Control                  :  Auto / Semi-Auto / Manual

Product                  :  Grinding Wheel, High Alumina, Flow Control Product, Silica, Concast, Fire Bricks, Engineering Ceramics,

Iron & Steel Heat Treatment , as per Customer Requirement